The cat stuck on the tree
The cat stuck on the tree

Usually the cats themselves slazat after a while from the trees. If the heart breaks from compassion for the animal and you are ready to participate materially in the comfort of the cat, then especially for you there is a service to remove the cat from the tree. This service is paid, but we have a flexible system of discounts for students, pensioners and persons under 18 years old.

If you want on your own to make a cat good, then there are a couple of recommendations.

  • do not do good to the cat, it will not appreciate it, – just wait until the cat dismounts itself 
  • lure the cat with valerian or a foul-smelling cat food.
  • if you decide to climb a tree by yourself, put on thick clothes, the cat will most likely cling tightly to you with its claws.
  • when you have reached the height at which the cat is sitting, do not rush to grab it, if it doesn’t go to you, stay nearby for a while, let the animal get used to you.
  • remember: the life of the animal is important, but yours are probably more important, be reasonable.

Cats are very well suited for climbing trees, but if your animal is very domestic, then visiting any unfamiliar terrain for him is a great stress, not to mention a tall, rocking tree. Walk with your cat on the street, so that the entrance and courtyard for him were not a foreign world and he knew where he was and how to return home.

We wish you and your pets good health!

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