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Mobile equipment installation

Installation of mobile communication equipment is a complex process that requires an integrated approach, knowledge and experience from the implementers. Today, this service is very relevant, the communication infrastructure is actively developing.

Installation of a tower of mobile communication occurs in several stages. Initially, the sections are assembled on the ground, then installed using a mobile crane. Robust metal construction is divided into different elements in the design. Climbers lift each element on the tower and produce its mount. The algorithm of actions during the installation of cellular communication is quite simple, but it requires the skills of industrial mountaineering. The height of the tower is on average 50 m.


How is the installation process of mobile communication equipment


  1. Experts examine the object and analyze its condition;

  2. We create an estimate, a working draft and agree on the implementation time;

  3. We make the necessary metalwork, we buy equipment;

  4. Install the equipment;

  5. We integrate the base station into the air;

  6. We dismantle the old equipment.


Professional installation is half the success of the tower. For complete confidence it is important to properly maintain the functioning of the equipment.

Cell Tower
Disassembly of guy wires on antenna-feeder equipment

We provide this range of services for the maintenance of mobile towers:


To prevent rust, several layers of paint or anti-corrosion compounds are applied to the structure. The process takes place in several stages: cleaning, priming, painting. Pre-thoroughly cleaned the foci of rust.

  • diagnostics of antennas and cables to prevent breakages;

  • repair of towers;

  • dismantling of masts and antennas.

The specialists of the construction company “Spider” are experienced industrial climbers who have received appropriate training. We have all the necessary tolerances and permits for high hazard work. By trusting us to install mobile equipment, you can be assured of quality and safety.

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.