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Machine plaster walls

Machine plaster walls – a quick and convenient method of interior decoration. The mechanized process allows you to increase productivity by 3-4 times, while the strength and appearance of the finish are maintained at the highest level. The method of machine plaster is ideal for finishing buildings of a large area.


The order of the machine and manual plaster work is the same. The differences are in the technique of applying the mixture.

Preparatory stage

Plastering begins with cleaning the surface from dust, old paint and peeling plaster. After that, we produce a primer of the rough base and install lighthouses on the wall or ceiling. For priming concrete slabs it is better to use concrete contact. With large differences in the plane of the plate cleaned of the old finish and close up with special mixtures or tile glue – it has excellent adhesion.

Installation of beacons

Beacon profiles are mounted on the surface for decoration – wall or ceiling. If 3 or more lighthouses are installed on one surface, it is aligned horizontally and vertically.

The lighthouse pitch depends on the length of the rule. To mix freely at the beacons, the step should be 15-20 cm less than the tool. The thickness of the lighthouse itself varies from 0.6 to 2 cm.

Finishing process

Before starting the process, check the thickness of the layer. It should not exceed 4 cm on the ceiling and 5 cm on the wall. If the figure is higher than normal on the ceiling, it is leveled with drywall; if it is on the wall, we carry out a preliminary spray.

Preparation of the mixture produced strictly according to the instructions from the manufacturer. Apply the plaster horizontally, then the rule. The finish layer is done by machine or manually.

Plastering machine
Plaster process

Advantages of machine plaster

  • speed of work. Labor productivity at machine plaster increases by 3-4 times. If you use stationary units, the efficiency increases by 5-6 times.
  • guaranteed quality. With automatic mixing of the mixture its quality is at the highest level – the solution falls evenly.
  • shrinkage is excluded. When evaporation of moisture and drying the mixture does not shrink.
  • high level of isolation. A layer of plaster increases noise insulation and reduces thermal conductivity.
  • saving time and money.

The disadvantages of machine plaster

  • requires a lot of space. Units for machine plaster are quite bulky, so it is difficult for them to turn around in a small room.
  • expensive equipment. For a one-time purchase of such a machine is not cost-effective. It is better to use the services of professionals who work with large volumes and have experience.
  • loud work. The equipment works quite noisy. In residential areas, this can cause outrage among neighbors.
The process of leveling the layer of plaster

Making a choice in favor of machine plastering, you save time and get high-quality work. It remains to choose the master. Specialists of IC “Spider” have the necessary equipment and extensive experience! We provide a guarantee of 1 year. We look forward to collaborating!

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