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Service and repair of grain elevators

The elevator is a complex for storing large quantities of grain. Quality of products depends on compliance with technology and capacity. Regular maintenance and periodic repair of elevators, granaries, mills will help protect the crop, thereby saving you time and money. At the slightest failures in work, you should contact the specialists, they will quickly identify and fix the problems: case cracks, unloading and unloading and other failures.


For the smooth operation of elevators, experts recommend regular maintenance. Minor repairs will cost 2 times less, so it’s best to prevent a breakdown and leave much of the money with you.


Specialists of CC “Spider” perform the following types of restoration and repair work:

  • Sealing of internal joints

Moisture that enters through the openings of concrete joints spoils up to 30% of the grain. If the gap is not fixed promptly, the number of poor-quality product increases.

  • Sealing of external seams

We clean and seal the external joints, we perform sealing of the seams with two-component mastic.

  • Painting of buildings, silo tanks, facades, rooms, elevators and dryers

Timely painting of metal or reinforced concrete structures will protect them from corrosion and prevent damage.

Elevator service
Inspection of the elevator from the inside
  • Repair of a facade of the silo case

It prevents the appearance of cracks, protects the grain from moisture penetration.

A damaged roof leads to drafts, the penetration of cold air currents and water. This violates storage technology and leads to deterioration of grain products.

  • Cleaning silos and bins from hanging bulk materials

We perform mechanical cleaning using professional winches. Independent action may result in injury. It is also important to choose the right material.

  • Installation / disassembly of the granary

The procedure is necessary if the old mechanism does not cope with the work and requires urgent replacement. This is a difficult and painstaking work.

Specialists of СC “Spider” will carry out operational work on the maintenance and repair of elevators. We select high-quality materials so that the grain does not absorb chemicals and remains in good condition. We provide a guarantee of 1 year, because we are sure of the quality of our services. We go to the measurements and calculate the exact cost for FREE!

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.