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Lifting oversized cargo

Lifting of oversized cargo – is the work to deliver items to the window, the balcony or the roof (glass, sofas, doors, baths, etc.) that do not fit on the staircase, with the help of ropes without using construction equipment.

Did you buy exclusive furniture in one of the shops in Kharkov, which has a non-standard size? Or just overlooked the fact that your purchase does not deliver to your destination through the entrance? No problem! For this we have a service – lifting oversized cargo. We can carefully and promptly lift the cargo in a window, on a balcony or roof.

How does an oversized cargo lift?

Oversized cargoA cargo of up to 100 kg is delivered by means of hanging a rope system with a breaking load of 2.1 tons, using block rollers, safety and release devices.

For this, as a rule only living force is used. Sometimes we can connect various kinds of “tricks”, if necessary.

To ensure that the load does not swing, it is accompanied from two sides by two detents controlled by operators.

The system is assembled in such a way that the cargo, if lost control over it, can not fall down, as it is insured by additional ropes and devices that fix it immediately after the moment when a vertical force directed from above to below is applied to it.

You can be assured of the safety of your cargo, as we are fully responsible for it and for all surrounding structures that can be at risk.

For safety reasons, the preparatory works are being carried out: briefing, blocking passages and passing through the danger zone, and placing the appropriate personnel.

Rigging work on lifting oversized glass, furniture, air conditioners, and other goods that by their size do not fit into the entrance and can not be dismantled in parts without loss of production value are raised by all safety rules.

Lifting oversized cargo in the window

Lifting of cargo occurs with its preliminary packing. A system of alpinist ropes is tightened, with a breaking load of at least 2 tons. Then, with the help of the pulley system, the load on the lifting device is divided by the number of turns of the chain block. After that, we are determined how the cargo will be lifted to the window: manually or by means of some mechanism. To the load, additional pulls are added in order to avoid touching the building or structure.

The team of our specialists, using ropes and special equipment, without the use of cranes and towers, will be able to lift the load to a certain floor or window in its entirety.

Advantages of lifting cargo with the help of climbing equipment:

  1. It’s not expensive (it’s cheaper than calling a mobile crane or a telescopic aerial platform).
  2. Quite fast.
  3. It’s safe.

Lifting oversized cargo to the height is our regular work.

The price for lifting oversized cargo depends on the weight, dimensions and height, on which the cargo will need to be lifted.

More information about the work at heights and prices for other services you can find on the page High-altitude work

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.