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Production and installation of steel structures

The production and installation of steel structures is a multi-step process, both parts of which are interconnected. During the design process, the master immediately selects the technology and calculates the assembly methods, the dimensions and configurations of the structure are also important. Based on these data, the choice of material is made and the final cost of the work is calculated. Ordering services for the production and installation of steel structures from one construction company, you save time, money and get a guarantee for each stage of work!

The advantages of metal:


  • Reliability. Metal frame resistant to static and dynamic loads. Such buildings can withstand rain and strong wind. In addition, metal structures are not subject to fire.

  • Wide architectural possibilities. The use of metal structures allows you to make bold stylistic decisions. The wishes of the customer will be made with all the details.

  • Installation in any season. The material has a low weight, so there is no need for an expensive foundation. For high-quality installation, column / pile foundations or monolithic slabs are suitable. Structures on the basis of metal structures can be built at any time of the year, at any air temperature.

Welding metal structures
Installation of metal structures

Formation of the cost of installation of metal at height:

  • Working conditions

If the assembly is carried out in hard to reach places and difficult conditions, additional equipment and special equipment is used. Accordingly, the cost of such works is higher than the standard.

  • Scope of work

The higher the volume, the lower the cost of organizational costs.

  • Complexity of work

The main factor that influences the level of difficulty is altitude. Installation at height requires the presence of special equipment. It is also important to take a responsible approach to the safety of specialists.

  • Number of connections

Larger parts need fewer connections. More complex configurations require more parts, which affects the cost of installation.

  • Fare

The farther from the production plant is the place of installation, the more expensive the transportation. If you want to make installation of metal structures in Kharkov, contact the specialists of CC Spider or other local manufacturers.

The production and installation of metal structures at a height with the help of one company will provide an opportunity to save on costs and reduce the time required for implementation. Specialists of CC “Spider” apply engineering approach to work, give a guarantee for their work from 1 year onwards!

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