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Painting facades

What is the painting of facades

Painting of facades is putting painting structures on facades of buildings. The painting of the facades is carried out with the help of high-pressure apparatuses by airless spraying of the paint composition directly onto the facade.

Airless painting

Economical painting of facades

  • The technology of airless application allows to save considerably money due to reduced terms of application (up to 1000 sq. M / shift), as well as considerably less time spent.

  • Due to the absence of a dust cloud, paint consumption is reduced by 30% compared to spraying in an air mixture.

QUALITY painting of facades

Painting with a high-pressure machine guarantees uniform color coating without streaks and streaks. The strong roughness of the facade is not an obstacle for painting with a high-pressure apparatus, in contrast to applying a roller and a brush.


An assistant and a painter can apply a paint composition in one coat per 650 m2 in one working shift at 8 o’clock. facade under the condition of working by the method of industrial mountaineering and not the high complexity of the surface.

Paint torch

We paint the facade necessarily in two layers with the preliminary preparation of the base (priming) as we give a guarantee.


Warranty for work for a period of one year.


Working with us is easy: we accept cash and non-cash money.


At large volumes, we give discounts up to 10%.


We go for FREE to the planning and evaluation of painting the facades.

High-altitude work

Prices for 2019 
Painting of facades from 300 m2 with high-pressure apparatus (airless application). We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Facade priming m2 from 15 UAH
Painting the facade with non-toxic paints m2 from 50 UAH/layer
Painting in several colors or with scaffolding or toxic paints m2 from 60 UAH / layer
Facade repair. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Detection of facade tiles m2 from 20 UAH
Dismantling of facade tiles m2 from 150 UAH
Laying facade tiles (cost of work) m2 from 350 UAH

More information about the work at heights and prices for other services you can find on the pages Facade work, High-altitude work

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.