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Strengthening of window, door and technological apertures

Strengthening openings – a mandatory procedure for proper distribution of the load and preserve the strength of the structure. The design of buildings, redevelopment of offices and apartments implies the production of openings for the separation of bathrooms, moving windows or installing doors. To protect the building from collapse and strengthen the resulting passage, it is necessary to reinforce the opening with reinforcement.


  1. Markup. On the wall we lay out the opening and the gate to strengthen the structure. If necessary, we drill holes, thus the dimensions are transferred to the other side.

  2. Installation of temporary backups. The stage is necessary if the opening is made on the supporting wall. The supports transfer part of the load onto themselves, thereby preventing the structure from collapsing until the openings are strengthened.

  3. Strengthening the opening. First, drill the connectors for the studs and anchors, mount the gain, stamping the gaps. To enhance the use of metal profile.

  4. Cutting the opening. We use a safe and accurate way – diamond cutting.

The process of strengthening the doorway


Doorway image
  • corner reinforcement.

Ideal for repairing walls in disrepair and existing openings. For such purposes, apply the corners 63-160.

  • channel gain.

The channel is a popular metal profile, which is used to strengthen the openings. The structure is attached before the walls are torn down. The most common size is 14-24. Needed when installing the opening for doors and windows.

  • box gain.

Ideal for non-standard designs of high complexity. Suitable sizes from 12 to 24.

  • double row reinforcement openings.

Reinforced with a stud stud is suitable for wide walls of concrete and brick. It protects the walls from spilling into different parts.

Specialists of IC “Spider” will install window, door and technological openings with increased high complexity. The deadline depends on the complexity, the wizard will indicate it after the departure to the object and the preparation of estimates. We give a 1 year warranty, we are confident in the quality and durability of our work. The cost of the work is calculated after the FREE departure to the object. Call, we will be glad to cooperate!

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