Roofing is a set of activities that are associated with the construction of the roof and maintenance of the finished structure. Roof – the most important structural part of the structure. It is not only weather protection. The quality of the roof device depends on the life and appearance of the entire building. Properly selected materials and skilled work of the masters will keep the attractive appearance of the roof for many years. To avoid mistakes, additional expenses and nerves, you should take every step responsibly: design, miscalculations, measurements and the very construction of the roof.


  1. Calculation and installation of the sling system.

From the accuracy of the calculation depends on the durability of the entire roof. The calculation is made on the basis of three factors: the architectural design, the roof material and the climatic conditions of the area. In addition to the weight of the roof, the sling structure must be resistant to wind load, snow weight and other natural influences.

  1. Insulation, hydro- and vapor barrier roofing space.

Before proceeding to the insulation, you should decide on the choice of material. It is selected taking into account the type of roof, the angle of its slope and the climate of the area. Sudden changes in temperature, precipitation, and total air humidity all affect the selection of roofing materials. Professionals of IC “Spider” will take into account all the nuances, will offer suitable insulation material and perform work at the highest level.

  1. Installation of roofing and roofing.

Professionals of our construction company carry out installation of the roof throughout the territory of Ukraine. We use an engineering approach. We work with such materials: corrugated board, tile, metal tile, folding and copper roof, etc.

Sloped roof


Roofing process
  • dismantling of the old roof;

  • roof insulation;

  • roof waterproofing;

  • complete installation of the roofing pie;

  • emergency overhaul of roofs;

  • filing boxes;

  • installation of PVC membrane.

We go to the facility for FREE, produce an accurate calculation of the cost of materials and services. We provide 1 year warranty. Trusting the repair and maintenance of the roof to the specialists of CC “Spider”, you can be sure of the quality of the work done and the materials purchased!

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