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Electric vehicle charging station installation

Increased demand for electric cars by consumers creates supply – leading auto concerns are actively developing new lines of electric vehicles and hybrids. Motives of active interest in such cars are fully justified. Drivers are captivated by the environmental friendliness and practicality of electric cars – with such a machine it is not terrible to raise fuel prices.


Electric filling station
  • small size and mobility;
  • when properly installed, safety and reliability;
  • charging speed of 3 hours;
  • durable case;
  • possibility of charging with direct and alternating current;
  • easy to use;
  • almost silent work.


An important aspect in the work on the installation of electric stations – compliance with safety measures and the use of permits. Neglecting electrical safety regulations may lead to short circuits and fire. This is due to the lack of bandwidth. If the car is damaged due to the fault of the gas station, its owner reimburses the cost of repairing the car.


Works on installation and tuning of refueling stations

Drivers of electric vehicles are faced with the problem of rare electric stations. We propose to increase the development of this industry and provide services for the installation of refueling stations at parking lots, parking lots, in homes and courtyards.

  • installation of the observation shield and power shield;

  • laying of the power cable;

  • installation of video surveillance systems;

  • laying low-voltage networks;

  • installation of grounding and lightning protection.

Incorrectly performed installation, commissioning and design of equipment for gas stations can lead to serious problems in the future operation. Therefore, the installation is better to entrust a professional. Specialists of CC “Spider” will help you choose the best equipment, advise on the functional equipment, install and connect the device to the power grid. We perform work promptly and on time. We will calculate the exact cost of the installation after a FREE trip to the site. We look forward to collaborating!