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Window maintenance: foam trimming, plastering and painting of joints

Window maintenanceHave you recently cleaned windows and installed new plastic windows in a room, in the kitchen or on a balcony? It is beautiful, they will help to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. However, it should be noted that the joint of the window frame and walls must be carefully sealed. Window maintenance. Corners

The geometry of the corners of the panel houses leaves much to be desired, because of this it is not very easy to fit a flat window frame into the opening without cracks and bevels. Installers compensate for this with polyurethane foam. As you know, the foam collapses under sunlight – it darkens and crumbles, thereby opening the way for drafts. It’s a shame if the updated expensive windows did not bring the expected effect.

To avoid this, it is necessary to seal the joints between the window frames and external walls in time – cut off the excess foam, cover it with plaster and then paint. This will allow you to forget about drafts and enjoy the comfortable climate of your home.

In addition to plastering the joints, attention should be paid to the adjacent concrete wall. The joint itself, by its heat resistance, is significantly inferior to the window glass unit; therefore, a concrete sheet should be laid 50 mm thick with the window frame on the concrete walls adjacent to the window frame, after which it should be covered with a reinforcing layer, applied with a primer and painted.

Usually, in the panel 16-stair building, the height from low tide to the balcony slab is about 155 cm, and the thickness of the adjacent wall is about 20 cm. Thus, the area of ​​one strip of insulation is 0.31 square meters. If you have a double balcony, then the total area is about 1 square meter. Trimming foam, plastering and painting are in running meters.


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High-altitude work

Prices for 2019 
Window jambs. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Finishing of window jambs on the technology of “warm jamb” (including the cost of materials) rm 200 UAH
Plastering and painting jambs (including the cost of materials) rm 110 UAH
Pruning of excess foam rm 25 UAH
Plastering of the joint between the window and the wall, including the cost of materials rm 100 UAH
Painting plastered seams (including the cost of materials) rm 50 UAH

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