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Diamond cutting of reinforced concrete and drilling holes

Diamond cutting of reinforced concrete is a high-tech process of creating holes in brick, concrete and stone structures without shock loads. This method allows you to reduce the time without losing in quality and preserving occupational safety. Diamond cutting of reinforced concrete is very accurate, eliminates even the minimum deviations, meets the highest European standards.

The diamond drilling service is in demand during the redevelopment of residential and industrial premises, electrical work and supply of communications (water, sewage, heating, exhaust, electricity, ventilation, etc.). When making holes for laying communications, experts often choose diamond cutting.

Features of diamond drilling technology

This technology involves the special mechanical properties of diamond. The cutting part of the tool consists of segments that contain diamond – diamond grit with a special metal matrix. They have high abrasive properties and produce impact-free destruction clearly in a specific area. At the same time, the matrix gradually wears out, so new diamonds form on the surface and the working edge does not become dull.


  1. Variety of forms. With this method, we can create openings of various shapes: from irregular to perfectly even.
  2. Silent work. Today, diamond cutting is the quietest technology.
  3. No restoration work required. Plastering and other works are optional.
  4. It is used outdoors and indoors. For open areas use dry type of cutting. In confined spaces, diamond cutting is cooled with water, which reduces dust.
  5. Security. With this method of dismantling the walls there is no vibration. This allows you to very accurately make all the work in the shortest possible time. Concrete wall of any thickness will be cut easily and safely.
The benefits of diamond cutting

Specialists of СC “Spider” produce such a complex of works for industrial and residential premises:

  • cutting openings in the wall

  • cutting seams in concrete,

  • diamond drilling (drilling)

  • stroking,

  • device anchors

  • reinforcement openings

  • construction waste removal

  • demolition work.

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