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Washing windows and facades at the height by climbers

What is the washing of windows and facades at the height of climbers?

Cleaning of windows and facades by climbers or high-altitude cleaning is a complex of measures for cleaning window or facade glass, as well as composite and other facade materials from various contaminants, with the help of professional chemistry and a special tool.

Why do I need to clean windows at altitude?

  • Clean windows let more daylight into the room, which increases the mood and productivity of work.

  • If windows and facades are not washed for more than one year, the mud enters into diffusion with the surface and forms persistent soils that it becomes more difficult to wash, and after a while it is completely impossible.

  • The clean facade has a respectable, attractive appearance, which positively affects the flow of customers.

Glazed facade with a negative slope
Window cleaning with suction cups

High-altitude washing of windows and facades is carried out by climbers from ropes. Each of our skyscrapers has an appropriate certificate. Where appropriate, we use the Karcher high-pressure machine and the appropriate specialized cleaning chemistry, given the type and degree of contamination.

A short order of work on cleaning the facades from pollution

  • The surface of the facade and / or glass is treated with a foam solution using a “map” or high-pressure apparatus.

  • Where it is necessary to remove stubborn dirt with a skimmer by means of a scraper, a metal scourer or a foam sponge.

  • Then the mixture is pulled together by a special tool (screed) in such a way that there are no stains on the windows.

Control and delivery of the results of window washing by climbers is carried out in stages, taking into account the customer’s remarks and the conditions specified in the contract.
Our team produces window washing using support ropes as well as from towers.

Window cleaning, we call it still “glass-breaking” – standard and demanded service among our orders.


Calculate with us in cash and non-cash ways.


At large volumes – discounts.


Before the final determination of the price for high-level cleaning of windows and facades by climbers, we necessarily inspect the object. We leave for an inspection free of charge.


Prices for 2019
Washing windows and facades. We work with orders from  10 000 UAH
After a direct inspection of the object, the price of work may be significantly lower than indicated in the price list.
Washing of a solid frameless glass facade with a volume of more than 1000 sq.m sq.m from 30 UAH
Washing of facades with high pressure more than 1000 sq.m sq.m from 23 UAH
Washing of heavily soiled windows (after construction) sq.m 80 UAH
Windows washing under a negative bias sq.m 90 UAH
Washing of heavily polluted windows under a negative slope sq.m from 100 UAH
Washing single windows (two or three windows + balcony) from 5000 UAH
Winter window cleaning   from 50 UAH  
Hydrojet cleaning of facades sq.m from 40 UAH

More information about the work at heights and prices for other services you can find on the pages Facade work, High-altitude work

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.