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Balcony cladding

Balcony sheathing – allows you to give the balcony an attractive look, increase its heat resistance, as well as just repair it if it has lost its performance characteristics. Facing the balcony is especially relevant if the balcony gets wet, crumble and crumble.

Sheathing the balcony can be outside and inside. Did you decide to trim the balcony outside? Hence, it is necessary to determine the material of the facing.

If you want to “squeeze” the maximum efficiency out of money, then we recommend that you choose a balcony cladding with a professional flooring. This will allow for a low price to “kill” three birds with one stone: bring the balcony into a superb view, warm it up and gain confidence that this has been done for 50 years.

Advantages of a covering of a balcony a professional flooring:

  • correctly mounted galvanized sheeting is durable (50 years of useful operation);
  • the balcony sheathed by a professional flooring has an enviable exterior;
  • the metal coated with polymer paint is highly resistant to weathering and has a wide choice of colors;
  • the professional flooring can be mounted at any time of the year;
  • low price, or to be more precise, high ratio: price – quality – durability.
Balcony sheathing
Balcony trim

Technology of performance of works on a balcony lining by a professional flooring.

  • Dismantling the previous facing.
  • Mounting battens.
  • Filling the cells of the sheathing with insulation.
  • Installation of a professional flooring.

Order a covering of a balcony outside a professional flooring from us. A written contract is concluded with each client, which necessarily describes: technology, scope of work, type of material and battens. Calling us to a measurement does not oblige you to anything.


The price of covering the balcony for 1 sq.m. depends on the type of material, the cost of transporting equipment and materials, the presence or absence of a layer of insulation, the type of batten (wood or metal), as well as the complexity of the work.


We make measurements and make estimates for free.

High-altitude work

Prices for 2019 
Finishing of balconies with corrugated board. We work with orders from 10000 UAH
To trim the balcony from the outside with corrugated board HC-10 wooden frame without a heater, including the cost of materials sq.m 1100 UAH
To trim the balcony from the outside with corrugated board HC-10 metal frame without a heater, including the cost of materials sq.m 1200 UAH

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