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Anti-corrosion Treatments for Metal Structure of Building

Anticorrosion treatment of metal allows to extend the life of the structure, to ensure its durability and reliability. Aggressive environmental factors lead to the oxidation of metal structures. Corrosion reduces the mass of the metal to 10% per year, impairs its functionality and durability.

Periodic anti-corrosion treatment is important for both residential and industrial facilities. Corrosion in pipelines or pressure vessels can lead to man-made disasters.

Corrosion protection is carried out by applying several layers of special liquid on the metal surface. Today the most popular are paints and varnishes.


  • Stripping. In order for the anticorrosive material to lay down well on the metal, you should carefully work with the surface. Mechanical cleaning involves the removal of metal from corrosion. Cleaning is performed using grinders, grinders, sandblasting, water-jet cleaning or manually.
  • Surface preparation. It starts with dust removal and degreasing. The design is cleared of unnecessary small particles of the previous stage. Then a primer is applied for maximum adhesion of the material to the surface. It is produced by airless spraying or using brushes and rollers.
  • Application of anti-corrosion material, painting. The final stage of processing metal structures is the application of paint or enamel. Primer and paint technologies are similar. The choice of staining method depends on the degree of metal destruction and the quality of the surface itself.
The process of painting metal at height


Painting with a compressor

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a paint and varnish coating is the operating conditions of the building. You can choose epoxy, zinc-containing and polyurethane anti-corrosion coating systems. It is also important to consider what will be stored in the container: food, drink, petroleum products, alkali or acid.

Depending on the condition of the structure, a primer, a rust converter, “three in one” paint, wear-resistant enamels for use in difficult conditions and others can become a corrosion-resistant coating.

Since the maintenance of metal structures and industrial facilities involves working at height, the work of industrial climbers will be most effective. Specialists of IC “Spider” will carry out anti-corrosion treatment of high complexity. We will select the optimum coverage and equipment, take into account the particularities of the site of operation and the purpose of the object, thoroughly prepare and carry out painting. Departure of experts and the miscalculation of cost – it is FREE! Call, we will be glad to cooperate!

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