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Banner installation

To hang a banner on the wall is the price and description of the service for placing the canvas, as a rule, on the facade of the building or on the advertising structure intended for it.

Types of advertising constructions for the hanging of a banner

Advertising constructions for a banner can be conditionally divided into 4 types:

  •         anchor;
  •         cable;
  •         on brackets;
  •         frame.

Anchor construction of hanging the banner on the wall

With this type of installation of the banner on the facade in the wall, holes are drilled under the anchor with a hook or ring in the same amount as the eyelets on the banner. Then the banner is laced through the eyelets and anchors. Hanging a banner on a wall in Kharkov thus will cost you the cheapest.

Advantages of the anchor structure
  •         A definite advantage is the speed of installation and the low price of this method of hanging the banner on the wall.
  •         Absence of a very low percentage of temperature variations in the structure. There is no need to tighten the banner, with the change of seasons. Actually, if the banner is hung for a long time.
Disadvantages of the anchor structure
  •         The main drawback is of course the inevitable damage to the facade, and the formation of “cold bridges”.
  •         Impossibility to hang a banner of a different size for the same design.

Rope structure of hanging the banner on the wall

The cable construction involves tensioning the metal cable along the perimeter of the future banner with supporting and auxiliary fixing points to the facade. Hanging a banner on the wall in this way at a price will be a bit more expensive.

Advantages of cable construction
  •         It is easy to change advertising cloths without losing the quality of tension.
  •         Less openings in the facade compared to the anchor structure.
Disadvantages of the cable structure
  •         Excess load on the corner nodes.
  •         More expensive construction, if compared with the anchor.

Hang the banner on the wall using brackets and rope

This kind of hanging a banner on a wall is necessary where the architecture of the building does not allow the use of another method. As a rule, these are large differences in the plane of the facade. If the installation of the frame on such facades, it will be much more expensive than the cable structure made with brackets. Hanging a banner on the wall with the help of brackets and a cable is a flexible solution for the price.

Advantages of construction with brackets
  •         Applicable where other types of banner weights are not applicable.
  •         Allows frequent and fast change of advertising material.
Disadvantages of the design with brackets
  •         Higher price compared to anchor and rope.
  •         More complex installation of the structure.

Using a metal frame for hanging a banner on the wall

The metal frame is used, as a rule, on composite facades. Where it is necessary to put mortgages to the bearing parts of the structure. A metal frame is a design for a banner that is assembled by segments and connected either by bolts or by welding.

Advantages of frame construction
  •         Capital and durable.
  •         Allows frequent and fast change of advertising material.
Disadvantages of frame construction
  •         Have to spend a little.
  •         The installation of such a frame includes its design and production, and therefore takes more time to implement the project.

Advertising banner on the facade is the face of the client’s business reputation. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of quality placement of advertising. This makes us seek qualified performers. After a torn off banner or crookedly fixed it is unlikely to have the proper effect on the end user. Based on the materials of the article, you can be sure that we are professionally approaching the process of placing outdoor advertising, however, as with any other work.

The banner must be secured securely and properly stretched. Proper tension is the guarantee of longevity and pleasant appearance of posted advertising.

Ways to hang a banner on the wall

  1. The advertising banner is hung on the wall through the eyelets (metal round holes around the perimeter), by pulling it with a ribbon (a strong rope) onto a pre-installed metal frame, a stretched cable or anchor bolts (hooks, rings).
  2. Using a pipe, which is passed into a special pocket of the banner.

At us you can order the installation / dismantling of advertising banners with various mounting options, including the production of a metal frame.


We guarantee the safety of the work by the availability of our staff elevators certificates, and the quality of the 5-year experience, as well as the Guarantee for 1 year, which is prescribed in the contract with the client.


Working with us is easy: we accept cash and non-cash money.


When installing several banners, there is a 10% discount!


We go for free planning and evaluating the installation of the banner.

The price of the service to hang a banner in the city

Prices for the installation of the banner. The cost of a banner hanging depends on the size of the banner, the type of fastener design, the relief of the facade and the complexity of the work at height.

Prices for 2019
Installation and dismantling of outdoor advertising. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Dismantling outdoor advertising m2 from 30 UAH
Installation of an advertising banner on the prepared place m2 from 55 UAH
Installation of outdoor advertising with the preparation of fasteners m2 from 100 UAH
Minimum order – 10 000 UAH

More information about the work at heights and prices for other services you can find on the pages Installation work, High-altitude work

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.