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Painting the walls indoor

Painting works – applying paint formulations on the walls, ceiling and other surfaces of buildings to improve the appearance, sanitary conditions and increase the service life of the building.


Indoor painting work is the application of paint and varnish compounds to the walls and ceilings of a building by means of a high-pressure apparatus, brushes and a roller.

1.Protection of unpainted surfaces with film

Before starting work, we cover all surfaces: windows, batteries, equipment, floor, electronic equipment. We are responsible for your property, so we scrupulously approach this stage. It takes half of the complexity of the paint work.

2.Surface preparation

Before painting the walls must be dry and clean. Also required stages primer and putty. Surfaces without defects can only be primed. Walls with cracks, large holes, irregularities and other defects are puttied and leveled. After puttying, apply a deep penetration primer. So the paint will have maximum grip.

Photo protection unpainted planes film
  1. Dilution of paint

Strict adherence to technology is important. The correct consistency and the necessary working viscosity is a quality indicator of the paint and protective coating: varnish, paint or liquid putty.

  1. Filtering

Before spraying the paint must be filtered. At hit of a clot in a nozzle the device cannot spray paint evenly.

  1. Application

After passing through all the steps, proceed to the staining. We start from the ceiling, then go to the walls. We work in the direction from one corner to another.

Photo of mixing paint


Photo of wall painting by CC Spider specialists

Application with a high-pressure apparatus

We prefer this method of painting, because it has many advantages:

  1. Uniform application Paint goes without streaks. Especially important for rough surfaces, brickwork and textured plaster.

  2. Efficiency. Paint consumption is 30% lower;

  3. Speed. Reducing time affects cost savings. You can paint up to 1000 sq.m. in one shift at 8 o’clock;

  4. Purity. Dust cloud is much less compared to the application in an air mixture;

  5. It is convenient to paint the ceiling and hard to reach places.

Picture of a painted area

Brush and roller

Brush choose for painting inaccessible and narrow places: the walls behind the radiators and the area around the outlets. Roller used for painting large flat surfaces. For example, walls. Compared with a brush, the roller can significantly reduce paint consumption.

Spraying air mixture

This method is recommended to use when painting large homogeneous areas. The smallest particles of paint are sprayed over the entire surface and create a perfectly even layer. Our experience has shown that when painting large volumes, applying the composition with an air mixture is excessively labor-intensive and slow. We value both the result and the time, so we choose a high-pressure apparatus.


  1. We painted 7626 sq.m. from June to November 2018;
  2. Ready to tackle particularly complex types of painting:
    • painting fire protection on the ceiling, roofing steel structures, profiled sheet;
    • painting and varnishing on wooden coatings;
    • painting in existing premises: flexibly adapt to the rules of internal labor regulations at the facility;
    • can paint at night;
  3. We are fully liable for the safety of your equipment;
  4. We use professional means of individual respiratory protection and skin;
  5. We perform turnkey work. We choose painting compositions in accordance with the operating conditions of the painted surfaces. We take into account the peculiarities of painting food industry objects, working with high temperatures, chemically aggressive environment, high humidity;
  6. We cooperate directly with manufacturers of paints and varnishes and get better prices through the purchase of large volumes of products;
  7. We can prepare the paint with the necessary color in the studio according to the color catalog.
Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.

Prices for 2019 
Painting of facades from 300 m2 with high-pressure apparatus (airless application). We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Facade priming m2 from 15 UAH
Painting the facade with non-toxic paints m2 from 50 UAH/layer
Painting in several colors or with scaffolding or toxic paints m2 from 60 UAH / layer
Facade repair. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Detection of facade tiles m2 from 20 UAH
Dismantling of facade tiles m2 from 150 UAH
Laying facade tiles (cost of work) m2 from 350 UAH