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Awning installation

The awning canopy is the design consisting of a metal framework and the stretched awning fabric. The awning covering is a simple and effective way of protection against the scorching sun or a strong rain.

Application of awning curtains

The scope of use of tent structures is wide enough. Canopies are actively used both in a private farm and on an industrial scale:

  • structures of different volumes: sheds, canopies over the entrance, tents, pavilions, retail outlets;
  • motor transport: production and repair of auto-tents (auto cover, awning on a trailer and semi-trailer, protective awning), advertising, parking.
  • agriculture: warehouses, sheds for granaries, darkened tunnels for mushrooms, pigsty, hangars, workshops.
  • shelter sites for mass events: stadiums, racetracks and stands.
  • Storage of personal equipment and vehicles: tools for work and garden, lawn mowers, toys, bicycles, snowboards, firewood, furniture.
General view of the structure under the tent
Installation of an awning canopy

Advantages of tent structures

  • full protection from the sun, wind, rain and other atmospheric phenomena;
  • moderate cost;
  • reliability and long service life of the shed;
  • ease of installation and disassembly;
  • mobility;
  • original appearance and convenience.

Awning cover material

Frameworks are covered with PVC fabric, consisting of several panels. The material is durable, non-combustible, anti-fungal and stain-resistant coating, resistant to UV radiation. We use only original accessories and awning fabric with all the necessary quality certificates. Materials are great for year-round use in different weather conditions.

Awning canopy lacing

Specialists of CC “Spider” carry out the construction and design of awning structures of any size and functional complexity. We can realize your sketch or offer a ready-made sample. The cost of installation of awning canopies depends on many factors. We will calculate the exact price after inspecting the object. We make a preliminary calculation for FREE, it does not oblige you to anything.

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.