Plumbing work

Do you want to replace pipes, repair batteries or connect home appliances? There are several solutions to the issue: contact the workers of the housing department, find intelligent acquaintances, solve the problem on their own, or involve professionals.

Be careful in choosing the performers, incorrect intervention can end in tears: the breakdown becomes more serious, the price for repairs will increase. In addition, you can flood the neighbors and increase spending. Correct installation of the sanitary device is a guarantee of its long and uninterrupted work.


  1. A wide range of services. We will install plumbing devices and equipment, lay a pipeline, install a floor heating system, boiler and pumping equipment, and stop valves.

  2. Works of increased complexity. We provide plumbing services at industrial enterprises, in commercial premises, etc.

  3. Free calculation of volumes and prices. We will provide professional advice and estimate the scope of work.

  4. Qualified specialists. We work on the reputation and seek to cooperate with regular customers. Years of existence in the market allowed us to assemble a team of professionals.

  5. Clarity and transparency. We arrive at the facility at exactly the agreed time, we estimate the volume, cost and terms of work.

  6. We conclude a contract. Clearly prescribe the estimate and stipulate the quality of materials.

  7. Responsible for security. We operate in accordance with the law and regulations.

  8. Reliability. We treat sanitary equipment and household appliances with care.

  9. Individual approach. We can organize the work on the delivery and unloading of the material. Procurement of materials can be carried out both by the client and by the specialists of CC Spider.

  10. Culturally communicate. We solve customer problems based on their budget and needs.

  11. Warranty from 1 year. Therefore, we work on the result, not on speed.

  12. We provide instructions on proper operation and necessary maintenance.

Professional plumbing services

We will be happy to provide you with plumbing services in any city. Entrust sanitary questions to professionals and get engaged in something that gives you joy!

Plumbing prices

Installation of instruments and equipment
Name Measure Prices
Wash Basin installation pcs 150 UAH
Installation of the toilet bowl on the floor pcs 200  UAH
Installation of cantilever bidets, toilet bowls on the frame (hinged) pcs 300  UAH
Installation of bidet pcs 250  UAH
Installation of acrylic, steel bath pcs 300 UAH
Installation of a cast iron bath pcs 400 UAH
Installation of a whirlpool bath (Jacuzzi) pcs 500  UAH
Shower enclosure installation pcs 350 UAH
Installation of the “Chalice Genoa” pcs 220  UAH
Installing the shower tray pcs 300 UAH
Waterproofing seams of a bath, a pallet pcs 20 UAH
Installation of shower curtains pcs 150 UAH
Installing the heated towel rail pcs 200  UAH
Installation of inspection hatches (without finishing) pcs 30 UAH
Installing the dishwasher pcs 150  UAH
Installation of heating radiators pcs 350  UAH
Installing the system convector L to 2000 950W pcs 250 UAH
Setting the mixer pcs 90  UAH
Wall-mounted mixer with shower enclosure pcs 50  UAH
Installing (adjusting) the valve armature pcs 50  UAH
Installing the shower rod pcs 60  UAH
Hinge of mirrors (up to 2 attachments) pcs 100 UAH
Siphon installation pcs 45  UAH
Installation of the ventilation grille pcs 20  UAH
Installing a continuous flow boiler pcs 180  UAH
Installation of a storage tank (100 liters) pcs 250  UAH
Installation of a storage tank (200/300 liters) pcs 300 UAH
Installation of a storage tank (500 liters) pcs 350  UAH
Installation of a storage tank (1000 liters) pcs 400  UAH
Pipeline laying
Replacement of the riser, plumbing pcs 400  UAH
Insertion in riser HB, HW pcs 150  UAH
Sewer outlet pcs 150  UAH
Output device HB, HW pcs 150  UAH
Installation of the riser (plastic, L to 3 m) pcs 550  UAH
Installation of a revision on the sewer stand pcs 200  UAH
Mounting the tee on the sewer stand pcs 200  UAH
Laying of pipelines PPR
D=20,25 rm 10 UAH
D=32,40 rm 15 UAH
D=50,63 rm 20 UAH
Laying of plastic pipes
D=16,20 rm 15 UAH
D=26, 32 rm 20  UAH
Pipeline laying from stainless steel
D=15,18 rm 25 UAH
D=22,28 rm 30 UAH
D=35 rm 35  UAH
Laying of copper pipelines
D=15,18 rm 30  UAH
D=22,28 rm 40  UAH
D=35 rm 50  UAH
D=42 rm 60  UAH
D=54 rm 70  UAH
Laying of pipelines of steel and galvanized
D=15, 20 rm 20  UAH
D=25, 32 rm 30  UAH
D=40, 57 rm 40  UAH
Laying of sewage pipelines
D=32, 50, 100 rm 15  UAH
Insulation of pipelines made of foamed PE
D=18,35 rm 50 UAH
D=42,65 rm 10  UAH
Insulation of pipelines by corrugation
D=12, 26 rm UAH
Preparatory work
Make a cable duct in a brick
up to 20 mm rm 25 UAH
up to 50 mm rm 35  UAH
up to 100 mm rm 45 UAH
Make a cable duct in concrete
up to 20 mm rm 35  UAH
up to 50 mm rm 45 UAH
up to 100 mm rm 55  UAH
Punching holes in a brick wall up to 25 cm (1 brick)
D=25 pcs 20  UAH
D=50 pcs 30  UAH
Punching holes in the brick wall to 38 cm (1.5 bricks)
D=25 pcs 35 UAH
D=50 pcs 45 UAH
Punching holes in a brick wall up to 51 cm (2 bricks)
D=25 pcs 50 UAH
D=50 pcs 75  UAH
Punching holes in a concrete wall up to 100 mm
D=20 pcs 50 UAH
D=100 pcs 100  UAH
D=500 pcs 200 UAH
Punching holes in a concrete wall up to 150 mm
D=20 pcs 60 UAH
D=100 pcs 120  UAH
D=500 pcs 240  UAH
Punching holes in a concrete wall up to 200 mm
D=20 pcs 65 UAH
D=100 pcs 130  UAH
D=500 pcs 260  UAH
Bricklaying, piling up rm 60 UAH
Installation of a warm floor system
Damper strip layout rm UAH
Stacking of expanded polystyrene plates sq.m. 25  UAH
Layout of metal-plastic pipe rm 35  UAH
Installation of a contour cabinet pcs from 200 UAH
Installation of distributive comb pcs from 200 UAH
Installation of boiler and pumping equipment
Installation of boiler wall pcs from 700 UAH
Installing the circulation pump pcs from 150 UAH
Setting the counting meter HB, HB pcs from 120 UAH
Installation of the pumping station pcs from 350 UAH
Installation of stop valves
Installation of shut-off, couplings (tap, filter, check valve, American)
D=15, 20 pcs 30 UAH
D=25 pcs 35 UAH
D=32 pcs 40 UAH
D=40 pcs 45 UAH
D=57 pcs 50 UAH
We work with orders from 10 000 UAH.

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