Banner printing

Banner printing is a type of large format printing that is used for indoor and outdoor advertising. When there is a need to attract customers, the bright solution with the information and advertising message becomes the optimal solution.


  1. The size. We offer banner printing in various sizes – from 0.1 to 1000 m2.
  2. Location, surface. Decide where the banner will hang: indoors or outdoors. Selection of materials and type of fastening depends on it.
  3. Type of construction. Banner advertising constructions can be divided into 4 types: cable, anchor, using brackets, frame.
Banner printing process
  1. Types of fastening. The banner cloth fastens on cringles and pockets.

The grommets are iron rings, attached at the edges of the canvas and provide an even tension on the banner. We use stainless galvanized grommets with an internal diameter of 10 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm. Small diameter suitable for installing small banners. The larger the ring size, the thicker the rope enters. Thick rope can withstand a large banner. Accordingly, starting with a 12 mm hole, the grommets carry the load perfectly.

Pockets are used for stretching banners on metal structures. This mount is made quickly. A great option if the canvas banner often change, and their sizes remain the same.

  1. Estimated lifetime. It depends on the quality of ink, the density of materials and weather factors. We print exclusively on original materials and paint, the operational period in this case reaches four years. We give a guarantee on burnout – 1 year!
  1. Material banner. Choosing a banner fabric, pay attention to the strength and elasticity. Ask for a sample of fabric with a pattern, doubt it and check for damage. We use cast and laminated fabrics with different ability to transmit light (opaque fabric Frontlit light-blocking Blockout, light-transmitting Backlit). Also with us you can print and install a banner on a perforated film, a loop, a grid and a canvas.
  1. Compliance with all stages of the printing process. Not only technologies and materials are important, but also cleanliness control. A common problem is a dirty canvas, which spoils the appearance and creates anti-advertising of your service.
Banner packing process


The advantages of installing a banner from the CC “Spider”:

  • We provide a full cycle of services: layout development, banner printing, construction of the design, installation of the banner;
  • When printing with us you get a discount on installation of 5%;
  • We guarantee the immaculate cleanliness of the banner during production and transportation;
  • We are reliable. With proper installation, the banner is not afraid of rain, it does not rust and does not fade in the sun;
  • We give 1 year warranty.

Since the banner is an informational and advertising medium, its effectiveness directly depends on the chosen place. Proper location significantly increases the influx of customers, which affects the profitability of the event and the advertised product.

Order the printing and installation of the banner from the specialists of IC Spider. We realize your advertising in the best possible way!

Call 066-555-44-33 and we will call you back immediately!

Prices for 2019
Print outdoor advertising
Banner cast 510 g m2 120 UAH
Banner cast 440 g m2 110 UAH
Ritrama film m2 120 UAH
China film m2 100 UAH
Printing on lamination film m2 180 UAH
Punched film m2 130 UAH
Billboard 3х6  m2 270 UAH
Blue back print m2 50 UAH
Printable Grid Paper m2 120 UAH
Paper City m2 70 UAH
Canvas m2 270 UAH