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New Year’s Eve Decorations

New Year’s Eve and Christmas – pleasant vanity, summing up, the smell of eating and multi-colored lights. Want a fabulous winter? We will gladly and fully readily decorate the facade of your building with festoons and even please Santa with a frost through the window!

The construction of festive illuminations for facades and trees is the process of installing light strips, toys, LED lamps, and other lighting and decorative structures on the facades of buildings, private houses, walls and ceilings of supermarkets, office centers using aerial platform and high-spans.

Works on New Year’s decoration and festive lighting:

  • decorating the facades of buildings with garlands – decorating columns, windows, canopies of private houses, fixing decoration elements to a height

Modern garlands, LED analogs and samples of duralight, replaced the incandescent lamps. They consume 80% less energy and work much longer (from 1000 hours). We design shopping and business centers, houses, cottages, emphasize the outline of the building.

For the New Year decoration of facades we use such LED lighting:

  • “Light rain” or “fringe” – several of the fixed filaments of different lengths, mounted on a single tire, which combines this design. Most often, this kind of lighting adorns the facade of the building or window openings.


  • “Curtain” – a set of freely falling LED threads. Thread length 1.5 – 6 meters. Distance – 10 cm. Depending on your wishes, we can set flashing lights or garlands that change color.


  • “Netting” is a decorative intersection of wires. In the areas of interlacing are decorations-diodes. A great solution for decorating large areas.
Installing a Christmas tree
Decoration of the facade of the house with garlands
  • installation and winding of street trees, tree decoration with festoons, garden decor

Industrial climbers are the best performers of this task. We will install the Christmas tree in the square, in entertainment and shopping centers. For the convenience of you and your customers are ready to take on the assembly of the New Year tree, even at night. Most often, the work of the climbers does not need a tower, it saves your budget and time for coordination with the inspections.

  • dismantling of jewelry and light structures

In mid-late January, it is time to remove the garlands and disassemble the New Year trees. The cost of dismantling services is 50-70% of the installation price. Why us? Because you will receive carefully removed designs and will be able to use them repeatedly. We can also conduct an audit and make recommendations for the repair and storage of jewelry.

Why do festive lights are ordered from CC “Spider”:

  1. Industrial climbers will hang balls, toys, snowflakes and other holiday illumination, even in hard to reach places.
  2. We are professionals of high-rise and electrical work, we have the necessary categories and tolerances.
  3. We conclude an agreement, issue a written guarantee.
  4. We accept payment in cash and non-cash.
  5. Quickly we will embody the most creative ideas of decoration of facades, observing safety rules!
Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.