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Waterproofing and crack repair

Sealing of seams

This is the endowment of the inter-panel thermal joint with effective physical and technical characteristics that prevent the convection of air masses between the room and the external environment and prevent moisture from getting inside the wall.

When operating a panel house, there is a regular need to maintain external joints and seams. At the junction of plates that make up the outer walls of the structure, due to repeated cycles of wetting-drying, heating-cooling and freezing-thawing, microcracks, cracks and air cavities are formed. This leads to the fact that moisture and cold or superheated air penetrate through the seams inside the room and disturb the favorable climate of your house. The consequences of insufficient waterproofing of joints and their weak resistance to heat exchange can be different: from the formation of mold, fungi and freezing of walls in winter, to water jets during rain and drafts in strong winds.

Why you need to repair the seams

The leakage of joints is due to the uneven degree of expansion-contraction of the material when heated-cooled. When heated, the concrete slab expands conditionally by 0.5 mm in 10 degrees Celsius, and the seam material by 0.3 mm, thereby creating a tension in the seam above the allowable value, as a result of which it bursts and a crack forms. Then, during the rain, water enters the crack, which absorbs the walls and partially remains in the cavities of the joints. In the autumn, moisture from precipitation or condensation accumulates in the slab, and in winter freezes to form ice, thereby destroying the seam and the plates themselves with greater force.

Destroyed seam on the facade of a prefabricated house

To get rid of these unfavorable phenomena it is necessary to regularly work on sealing joints – joints of panel slabs forming the outer walls of the building.

Sealing inter-panel joints, in our understanding, includes seam sealing and its insulation.

Waterproofing – blockage of all kinds of cracks and air cavities, causing moisture penetration through the panel seam.

The thermal insulation of the seam – prevention of convection (heat exchange) by air flows between the living space and the street.

Such works belong to the category of high-altitude work and are the work of industrial climbers (steeplejacks). The construction company “Pauk” in Kharkov provides seam sealing services using the technology described below.

Sealing technology “Warm seam”

  • The seam is disassembled (except for cases of primary sealing at the construction stage): the previous sealing material is drilled or knocked out.
  • Inside, a bundle of foamed polyethylene is put in place – the main filler of the joint, which copes well with the mechanical stresses of temperature expansion and constriction of the structure.
  • The tow is covered with an elastic waterproof sealant.
Placing the polypropylene pipe inside the destroyed seam

Guarantee on tightness and heat resistance of the joint – 5 years.

This seam sealing technology will provide reliable protection of the apartment from the penetration of excess moisture and prevent the unfavorable exchange of air masses between the room and the external environment, thus preserving the necessary comfortable climate of the dwelling.

High-altitude work

Prices for 2019 
Waterproofing seams. We work with orders from 50 rm.
Warm seam (including the cost of materials) rm 350 UAH
Warm and neat seam (including the cost of materials) rm 450 UAH
The seams simply do not smear with mastic, in our opinion, this is ineffective.
Minimum order – 50 rm.

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