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Digital wallpaper printing

Do you want to create an original interior and add non-standard photo wallpaper? We know how to fulfill your desire at its best. We offer printing on vinyl wallpaper – a popular form of large format printing! The individuality of each person is clearly manifested in his personal space. Making a home can tell a lot about its owner, because it is here that you can show your imagination in an unlimited dose. The decoration of the home affects the well-being, mood and inner harmony.


  • Individuality and diversity. You are not limited by frames, choose the sizes, colors, texture and style of execution yourself.
  • Realistic image. The joints of individual fragments are not visible, so the visual effect of the whole image is achieved.
  • Durability and strong basis of materials. They do not fade under the influence of sunlight, persistent. The approximate lifetime of 15-20 years.
  • Easy to care. Vinyl wallpaper does not need special care, they can withstand moisture, detergents and chemicals.
  • Fast glueing. Glue does not spoil the structure of such wallpaper, they are very simply glued. Some varieties have an extra layer of dry glue – just wet it before installation and get down to work safely.
Photo wallpaper in the interior
Photo Wallpaper Printing
  • The possibility of sticking to any materials. Additional processing is not needed, just enough to have a flat surface.
  • Dense structure. Photowall-paper can increase sound insulation in the room.
  • Imitation of natural materials on the outer layer: sand, plaster, painting, dust, frost, canvas, flax, etc.
  • Versatility. Choose the appropriate pattern and you can use vinyl wallpaper in any room at home or office.
  • Availability. Experts will help you choose the material and size when creating a layout. Thus, your creative imagination will not cost you dearly.

If you want to print vinyl wallpaper, welcome to us! The period of printing is negotiated individually, usually 2-3 days. Delivery throughout Ukraine is possible. Contact us, we will be glad to implement your idea!

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.