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High-pressure jet cleaning

Hydro-jet cleaning is the washing of materials and surfaces with high-pressure fluid. The method is used in industrial, municipal services and on construction sites.

We carry out a hydro-jet cleaning of the facade, windows and professional sheet from old paint, dirt, soot and oil products. It is also possible to remove rust, tar, preservative greases, bitumen, paints, mold and salt deposits with a jet of liquid. The high-pressure apparatus allows for the washing of large areas with high productivity.



  • suitable for surfaces that cannot be mechanically cleaned;
  • the surface of the facade does not suffer;
  • the method is environmentally friendly and fireproof;
  • removes all water soluble dirt;
  • the device is compact and mobile;
  • works in parallel with the rest of the production;
  • cost-effective – of the costs only water and electricity.


  • does not apply at low temperatures.
Hydro-jet cleaning of the facade
Hydro-jet cleaning near

The hydro jet cleaning method is suitable for such surfaces:


  • concrete – for cleaning interpanel seams, cleaning facades and applying waterproofing it is necessary to remove “concrete milk”.
  • metal – gently we clean the surface, prepare for the final finish;
  • glass – we clean glass roofs, facades and double-glazed windows;
  • brick – we clean the facades;
  • wood – remove the old coating and clean the surface.

Specialists use this cleaning method to prepare a soft roof for repairs and other surfaces for painting. Since work is often done on high-rise buildings, industrial mountaineering is used.

The work is carried out by certified climbers who have the necessary approvals and other documents. Depending on the type of contamination and the type of surface, we select the technology of jet blasting or sandblasting. The formation of the cost of the service affects the volume and complexity of cleaning. For coordination of all details on object our expert leaves. We calculate the price and make a quote for FREE!

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number  066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.


Prices for 2019
Washing windows and facades. We work with orders from  10 000 UAH
After a direct inspection of the object, the price of work may be significantly lower than indicated in the price list.
Washing of a solid frameless glass facade with a volume of more than 1000 sq.m sq.m from 30 UAH
Washing of facades with high pressure more than 1000 sq.m sq.m from 23 UAH
Washing of heavily soiled windows (after construction) sq.m 80 UAH
Windows washing under a negative bias sq.m 90 UAH
Washing of heavily polluted windows under a negative slope sq.m from 100 UAH
Washing single windows (two or three windows + balcony) from 5000 UAH
Winter window cleaning   from 50 UAH  
Hydrojet cleaning of facades sq.m from 40 UAH