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Solar panels installation

Installation of solar panels is the fixing of photovoltaic batteries at a certain angle on the roof, facade, static or dynamic platform in order to generate electricity for commercial or domestic needs.

The main reason for the construction of solar power plants is the sale of electricity to the state at a green rate for profit.

If you are a homeowner and want to install solar panels on the roof, facade or platform, we are ready to carry out the design, calculate the power of the power plant and bring your idea to life.


Before proceeding with the installation of a solar photovoltaic panel, we decide on the most appropriate place. It would seem that the choice is obvious – the roof of the building. Be careful, not every section of the roof is good for installation.

What you need to know and what points to exclude when installing panels:

  • Shadow. Do not install panels in shaded areas. From this directly depends on the effectiveness of their work. If a shadow falls on the installation site, even a high-quality device will be powerless.

  • Orientation. Avoid mounting on the northern part of the roof. Our country is located in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun’s rays illuminate the southern part of the building. More sun – more efficient work.

  • Tilt angle. Calculate the exact tilt of the panel. It is necessary to mount solar panels at an angle that is equal to the geographical latitude of the area. For example, Kharkiv region is at latitude 49, Kiev oblast – 50.

  • Convenient access to the panels. Regular maintenance, cleaning of dust and dirt will prolong the life of the device.

  • Calculating power. It is important to know that the power of the entire circuit (series-connected panels) depends on the power of the dimly lit panel.

  • Proper waterproofing. Important for all fasteners of the system to avoid problems with precipitation, especially snow and ice.

Installation of solar panels on the pitched roof
Installation of solar panels and wind speed sensor

Should I install solar panels myself?

If you want to save money and gain experience – this is a reasonable solution. However, be prepared for the fact that self-installation will require a lot of time, additional skills and new tools. In addition, the beginner is not immune from errors that may affect the quality of the future work of the solar battery. If you want to resolve this issue quickly and with guarantees – delegate the installation to professionals.

Advantages of specialists of CC “Spider”:

  1. Skilled spidermen work on pitched roofs at any angle.
  2. We guarantee the integrity of the roof, drainage systems and decorative elements of the facade.
  3. We are not only professional climbers, but also experts in electrical work.
  4. We give 1 year warranty for your work.
  5. Measurements and the miscalculation of cost – it is FREE!

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels in the presentation below. Also here are the main stages of the installation.

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