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Welding work at height

Welding works at the height

Welding at an altitude is a combination of metal elements from non-ferrous or ferrous metals by partial melting of these elements at the junction where the welder is in an unsupported space.

How are welding performed at height

Welding begins with the preparation of access to the workplace.

A brief procedure for welding operations at height:

  •         the welder prepares the workplace by hanging the support ropes.
  •         descends or rises to the workplace with a steeple-helper;
  •         to the workplace is delivered, if necessary metalwork or a part thereof;
  •         welding work is carried out.
Service area welding
Welding an antenna joint

Safety during welding at height

  •         the welder should be in a protective suit, matching gloves, shoes and carry a welding mask
  •         places of potential drop of sparks and hot metal droplets should be cleaned of flammable materials and things;
  •         the place of work should be necessarily fenced with an alarm tape according to the rules of high-altitude works;
  •         surrounding employees or workers should be warned about carrying out high-altitude welding works;
  •         the welder and his assistant should always be in touch with the organizer of work using radio communication.

These are not exhaustive but the most simple rules for welding and works at height, more detailed instructions can be read in the relevant documents.

We are a company that primarily cares about the safety of work at height, especially welding, so we guarantee compliance with safety regulations.


The prices for welding work can be found below in the article. The prices for welding work are definitively determined only after inspection of the work site and may depend on the complexity of access, the number of necessary equipment and equipment, the time of the year, the time of the day, weather conditions, height to the site of work, volumes.


Departure of the expert on measurement free of charge.

High-altitude work

Prices for 2019
Welding works at altitude. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Steel thickness 1.5-3 mm rm from 400 UAH
Steel thickness 3-6 mm rm from 600 UAH
Steel thickness 6-10 mm rm from 800 UAH
Welding of steel pipes rm from 400 UAH
Welding works. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Gates rm from 1000 UAH
Balconies rm from 1200 UAH
Stairs floor from 15000 UAH
Welding of steel pipes rm from 200 UAH

More information about the work at heights and prices for other services you can find on the pages Installation work, High-altitude work

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