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Air conditioner maintenance

What is the maintenance of air conditioners?

Maintenance of air conditioners is a complex of measures for diagnostics, cleaning, repair, refueling of air conditioning refrigerants aimed at prolonging the effective and long operation of the device.

Why to service the air conditioner?

  • For 1 year of operation, up to 12% of freon processing takes place. Reducing the amount of refrigerant reduces the efficiency of the split system.
  • The coarse filters, the turbine and the radiator of the indoor unit are clogged. The accumulation of dirt in these places leads to the development of a colony of mycoses (microscopic harmful fungi), which adversely affects the health of residents.
  • Due to natural contaminants, the radiator consisting of narrow honeycombs is covered with a dense layer of dirt that hinders heat exchange, greatly reduces the performance of the air conditioner and can lead to the failure of the elements of the system.
Disassembled cleaned air conditioner
  • Thermal insulation of the main (connecting pipes) is destroyed under the influence of unfavorable environmental factors. Because of this, pipes are exposed and there is a loss of system performance.
  • The outdoor unit is also susceptible to contamination, which causes a loss of heat-exchange properties of the air conditioner.

Avoid all of this will help you regularly, – at least once a year, service of the air conditioner.

Indoor unit air conditioner

Is the air conditioning service in place efficient?

A lot of companies offering their services in cleaning air conditioners, come with vacuum cleaners, steam generators and various super-tools. But in most cases this is just a beautiful sight, and not the removal of the fungus and the high-quality cleaning of the block.

Why? The radiator consists of a number of deep honeycombs, which are strongly fungus-covered. It is wet, so the vacuum cleaner simply can not remove the entire focus of the fungus and within a week it all starts anew. The steam generator is also unable to clean the fungus completely, and the black currents from the water on the wall will not bring joy to the owner of the dwelling. The same applies to the turbine, as well as to the inside of the hull. This way you can not get a good cleaning of the air conditioner, it’s like washing the refrigerator without taking out the products.

Air conditioning before and after cleaning

If the unit was operated for about three years without annual maintenance, the fungus flourished there in a beautiful fungal garden. To eliminate this trouble and ensure the quality of cleaning, we dismantle the indoor unit and in the shop conditions we perform a complete disassembly and disinfection of each element of the unit. After cleaning, the indoor unit will again shine like new.


With each client a contract is concluded, where the terms of service are prescribed, as well as the Guarantee. We give a guarantee of quality for the maintenance of air conditioning for a period of 1 year.


Working with us is easy: we accept cash and non-cash money.


For service of two air conditioners we make a discount – 5%. There is a loyalty program: 5% discount for repeat service in a year.

Air conditioners

Prices for 2019
Standard installation includes: cost of works + cost of brackets + 3 running meters. (connection of indoor and outdoor units), without an industrial climber
Installation of air conditioning 7 (2 kW / 16 sq.) Or 9 (2.6 kW / 20 sq.) p 2000 UAH
Installation of an additional running meter of the air conditioning line for 7-9 rm 250 UAH
Installation of the air conditioner 12 (2.6 kW / 26 sq.m.) p 2200 UAH
Installation of an additional line meter of the air conditioning line rm 250 UAH
Installation of the air conditioner 18 (5.2 kW / 52 sq.m.) p 2500 UAH
Additional line meter rm 270 UAH
Installation of conditioner 24 (7 kW / 70 sq.m.) p 2700 UAH
Additional line meter rm 350 UAH
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel over the foam block rm 55 UAH
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel along the brickwork rm 75 UAH
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel over the concrete rm 100 UAH
Service of air conditioners
Complex service of air conditioners 7,9,12 p 1000 UAH
Complex service of air conditioners 18, 24 p 1250 UAH
Filling the air conditioner with freon R22 kg 500 UAH
Filling of a split-system with freon R410 kg 500 UAH
Air conditioner repair p after the examination
Installation / dismantling of air conditioners
Dismantling of air conditioners 7,9 p 1000 UAH
Dismantling of air conditioners 12, 18 p 1100 UAH
Dismantling of air conditioners 24 p 1200 UAH
Dismantling / installation of the indoor / outdoor units of the air conditioner p from 500 UAH
Services of an industrial climber when working with air conditioners 2000 UAH


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