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Installation of drainpipes

Drainpipe – an important element of the roofing system, it is planned during the building project. The functional value of the drain is to collect and remove precipitation from the coatings. Constructive elements of the drain have a different length and diameter, are made in the form of a circle, trapezium, rectangle. High-quality assembly and correct calculations directly affect the durability of the structure.

Selection of materials for drain

The material of manufacture of the pipe affects the cost of the drainage system. The choice is made on the basis of the aesthetic wishes and budget of the owner. Before buying the material, consider the area and type of roof, the architectural features of the building, the climate (especially precipitation) of the region. The modern market offers many options, the most popular are products from polymers and metal.

Advantages and disadvantages of common materials:

  • plastic – easy to install, inexpensive. It has excellent operational features: durable, lightweight, plastic processing does not cause difficulties.
  • galvanized steel – durable and durable material. Drain from steel looks presentable. For greater aesthetics, manufacturers cover the material with polymers.
  • aluminum – aluminum drainage service life exceeds 50 years! The material is lightweight and easy to use.
  • copper is the most expensive material. The beauty and durability of aluminum can be destroyed by electrolytic vapor. To reduce the risks, all elements of the system are recommended to be made of the same material.
The layout of the gutters on the facade
The layout of the elements of the gutters of the 11th floor

Stages of installation of drainage system:


  1. Preparatory work. Check the availability of documentation on the quality of the workpieces, check the completeness, the vertical marking, the strength of the mounting pins with tongs.
  2. Install drainpipes. We control the height of the mounting knee. Prior to the roofing make installation of brackets. We install the chutes in the brackets, process the joints with sealant. The stage is carried out after the installation of the roof. We make installation of vertical pipes.
  3. Check the uniformity of painting and primer.
  4. Acceptance of work performed. Check the correctness of the connection of the funnel with the tray. Inspect the appearance of the system.

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