The vast majority of domestic air conditioners are split-systems in their type.

Before installation, you must choose the location of the split-system units.

Choosing the installation location of the air conditioner

When choosing the location of the indoor unit, the following factors should be considered:

  • air flow should not be direct to people, workplaces, beds, etc .;
  • no fuel devices should be placed above the unit;
  • the unit must be securely fastened to the wall;
  • there should be free access to the connection of the highway and the block;
  • the unit must be mounted in such a way that there is a distance of 10-15 cm between the ceiling and the upper part of the air conditioner. For normal air intake.

When choosing a place to install the outdoor unit, please note that:

  • the optimal length of the line is 3-5 meters;
  • the unit must be securely fastened to the wall;
  • there should be free access to the ports of the block for maintenance.

Buy air conditioning and just bring it home is not enough. The air conditioner is quite a complex unit and requires the presence of a specialist for its installation or installation.

We have already decided on the place of installation of the blocks, now, perhaps, the most crucial moment follows.

Installation of air conditioning: installation technology and connecting the highway with the blocks.

  1. A through-hole is made in the place of the intended passage of the highway through the wall.
  2. Two copper tubes of the appropriate diameter and length are put on FLEX thermal insulation.
  3. Copper wire of the corresponding length, cross section, vein and drain pipe is added to the resulting line.
  4. All this is carefully wound with vinyl tape (or thick tape) and gently stretched into the hole made.
  5. Next, the ends of the copper tubes are subjected to milling with special milling and are connected with the help of a nut with the corresponding fittings of the indoor and outdoor units.
  6. After that, using a special manometric station designed for a specific freon and a vacuum pump, the system is evacuated and all excess particles are removed, the quality of rolling and bonding is checked.
  7. Installation of electrical circuit.
  8. Conducted drainage tube. The slope of the drainage system should be at least 5 degrees for the condensate to flow from the indoor unit. Otherwise, a drainage pump installation will be necessary.
  9. After all these manipulations, we fix the highway to the wall from the outside of the building.

If everything went well, then the installation can be considered complete. We open the port in turn starting from the smaller one and launch the unit. Check the pressure and that’s it!

At first glance, installation is very simple and does not require special skills and knowledge. But only one mistake can lead to the inevitable breakdown of the air conditioner or the failure of its individual elements, which will lead to costly repairs. For example, if a compressor fails, replacing it will cost about 80% of the air conditioner price. And the equipment for installation will significantly exceed the cost of five air conditioners.

Basic installation mistakes:

  • poor quality rolling of copper tubes or connection with the union. Consequences: freon leakage, loss of work productivity, and then compressor failure.
  • wrong selection of the cross section of the power circuit and signal wires. Consequences: loss of efficiency, heating of wires, failure of the el. parts of the air conditioner, circuit, fire.
  • the outer and inner blocks must be securely fastened and strictly in the horizontal plane. Consequences: strong vibration, resonance and exit from the standing of the compressor, water runoff from the indoor unit.
  • all bends of copper tubes must be made with pipe benders. Consequences: the appearance of microcracks, flattening of the tube, freon leakage.
  • The system has not been evacuated. Consequences: oxygen will destroy the elements of the coolant, dust, sand entering the system, compressor breakdown.
  • use of manometric station after use with different freons. Consequence: the destruction of freon within the system, a drop in efficiency.
  • the entire highway that passes through the outside of the building must be wrapped in vinyl tape and ideally hidden in a protective box. Consequences: destruction of thermal insulation of copper tubes, loss of air conditioning performance, damage to the main line.

Then you can continue to infinity, now it is clear that the installation of air conditioning requires strict compliance with the technology and the participation of a specialist. Install the air conditioner to our masters, we will do the work efficiently and on time.

Prices for 2019
Standard installation includes: cost of works + cost of brackets + 3 running meters. (connection of indoor and outdoor units), without an industrial climber
Installation of air conditioning 7 (2 kW / 16 sq.) Or 9 (2.6 kW / 20 sq.) p 2000 UAH
Installation of an additional running meter of the air conditioning line for 7-9 rm 250 UAH
Installation of the air conditioner 12 (2.6 kW / 26 sq.m.) p 2200 UAH
Installation of an additional line meter of the air conditioning line rm 250 UAH
Installation of the air conditioner 18 (5.2 kW / 52 sq.m.) p 2500 UAH
Additional line meter rm 270 UAH
Installation of conditioner 24 (7 kW / 70 sq.m.) p 2700 UAH
Additional line meter rm 350 UAH
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel over the foam block rm 55 UAH
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel along the brickwork rm 75 UAH
Hide the pipeline from the air conditioner in the cable channel over the concrete rm 100 UAH
Service of air conditioners
Complex service of air conditioners 7,9,12 p 1000 UAH
Complex service of air conditioners 18, 24 p 1250 UAH
Filling the air conditioner with freon R22 kg 500 UAH
Filling of a split-system with freon R410 kg 500 UAH
Air conditioner repair p after the examination
Installation / dismantling of air conditioners
Dismantling of air conditioners 7,9 p 1000 UAH
Dismantling of air conditioners 12, 18 p 1100 UAH
Dismantling of air conditioners 24 p 1200 UAH
Dismantling / installation of the indoor / outdoor units of the air conditioner p from 500 UAH
Services of an industrial climber when working with air conditioners 2000 UAH


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