High-altitude work
High-altitude work

High-altitude work – installation, dismantling, repair, welding, painting, plastering and other types of work that are performed by specialists at a height of more than 5 meters from the working surface.

Advantages of climbing works:

  • it is cheaper than aerial platform, suspended cradle or scaffolding;
  • quickly;
  • performance of work is possible in the most inaccessible places;
  • minimum staff.
Safety device
Safety device

Climber can perform as simple work such as washing windows, and more complex – welding, electrical, assembly: installation of air conditioning, ventilated facade,

Mountaineer certificate
Mountaineer certificate

installation of lighting, lifting of oversized loads.

High-altitude work in Kharkov are carried out using special equipment for ascent and descent along the rope, safety gear, belt, artificial support points and more.

High-altitude work certification of specialists who perform climbing activities in Kharkov regularly undergo retraining and advanced training courses both in the field of rope access and in their specialties in the field of construction.

For all the work we give a guarantee, which is fixed in the contract.

Working with us is easy: we accept cash and non-cash money.

With large volumes of discounts.

Minimum order – 10 000 UAH

Before performing work, we must inspect the object. Departure specialist for inspection is free.

You can get a free advice on steeplejack works from us just by dialing our number.


Prices for 2019 
Waterproofing seams. We work with orders from 50 rm.
Warm seam (including the cost of materials) rm 350 UAH
Warm and neat seam (including the cost of materials) rm 450 UAH
The seams simply do not smear with mastic, in our opinion, this is ineffective.
Minimum order – 50 rm.


Prices for 2019
Washing windows and facades. We work with orders from  10 000 UAH
After a direct inspection of the object, the price of work may be significantly lower than indicated in the price list.
Washing of a solid frameless glass facade with a volume of more than 1000 sq.m sq.m from 30 UAH
Washing of facades with high pressure more than 1000 sq.m sq.m from 23 UAH
Washing of heavily soiled windows (after construction) sq.m 80 UAH
Windows washing under a negative bias sq.m 90 UAH
Washing of heavily polluted windows under a negative slope sq.m from 100 UAH
Washing single windows (two or three windows + balcony) from 5000 UAH
Winter window cleaning   from 50 UAH  
Hydrojet cleaning of facades sq.m from 40 UAH

Prices for 2019 
Finishing of balconies with corrugated board. We work with orders from 10000 UAH
To trim the balcony from the outside with corrugated board HC-10 wooden frame without a heater, including the cost of materials sq.m 1100 UAH
To trim the balcony from the outside with corrugated board HC-10 metal frame without a heater, including the cost of materials sq.m 1200 UAH

Prices for 2019
Installation and dismantling of outdoor advertising. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Dismantling outdoor advertising m2 from 30 UAH
Installation of an advertising banner on the prepared place m2 from 55 UAH
Installation of outdoor advertising with the preparation of fasteners m2 from 100 UAH
Minimum order – 10 000 UAH

Prices for 2019 
Painting of facades from 300 m2 with high-pressure apparatus (airless application). We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Facade priming m2 from 15 UAH
Painting the facade with non-toxic paints m2 from 50 UAH/layer
Painting in several colors or with scaffolding or toxic paints m2 from 60 UAH / layer
Facade repair. We work with orders from 10 000 UAH
Detection of facade tiles m2 from 20 UAH
Dismantling of facade tiles m2 from 150 UAH
Laying facade tiles (cost of work) m2 from 350 UAH

You can learn more about climbing works and prices for services on the page High-altitude work.

Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number 066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.
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