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Cat stuck on a tree

Cat stuck on a tree
Cat stuck on a tree

If your cat is stuck in a tree and cannot get down, you can use the services of our climbers who will safely remove your pet from the tree. Prices can be found here.

An industrial climber has undergone special training (there is a certificate), uses equipment that ensures his safety, and also has experience in such rescue operations, which means that he knows how the cat will behave in such situations and how to take it off correctly.

What to do, how to save a cat

Do not risk your life once more – ask for qualified help so that something similar does not happen to you. No matter which company you call, remember: your life and health are above all.

If the cat is stuck in a tree – call now!

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Send us an application with photos of the object in Viber to number 066-555-44-33  and we will immediately call you back.
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