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Why the cat climbs a tree, and then can not get down

Why a cat climbs a tree:

  • he is scared and runs away, say, from a dog or from another more evil cat or some other dangerous, in his opinion, danger;
  • out of curiosity. And what !? We are all curious – someone more, someone less. Cats are not curious?

Why the cat can not get off the tree:

  • fears;
  • never did it and is afraid.
The cat on the tree
The cat on the tree

Perhaps the analogy will be slightly punny, but you probably heard in your life about woeful climbers who, out of bravado, adventurism, curiosity or being under the influence of “bold water”, suddenly climb onto the rock, and then they cannot continue the heroic ascent, much less get off the horror that bound them. They are, as a result, rescuers remove with the help of ropes, or with the use of aviation, and this is at best. What is your cat not a man? Joke. But still, a cat cannot descend for the same reasons – it is afraid, although it can surely be done genetically (naturally). In addition, you probably noticed that slazit is always more difficult than climbing up.

Thus, the most common and closer, in our opinion, to reality, the answer to the question “Why a cat or a cat climbs a tree, and then can not get down” will be simple – from fear.

What to expect from a cat when it is rescued

In our experience, when a mountaineer, ringing special equipment, breaking small branches, climbs to help the cat, the latter has an overwhelming feeling that they are going to eat it. That is, the cat, judging by the size of his eyes, is ironically convinced that he is going to be “devoured”. Based on this circumstance, he will precisely fight for his life and with all the forces available to him to climb upwards and onto thinner branches, but definitely not downwards. Most often you have to cut a branch. In this case, you need to catch the cat with a blanket, but you just need to be sure that the cat will jump away from him and immediately climb either to the same tree or to the next, or try to hide as quickly as possible in an unpredictable direction.

Do not try to take the cat with your bare hands!

What is the best way to save the cat?

  • almost always a cat, seeing a person who climbs a tree towards him, begins to climb higher and thinner branches, so if you are close enough to the cat, try to promptly throw some thick fabric on him so that he will stop moving upwards;
  • watch to which side the cat jumps and quickly react, moving with the stretched fabric to the place of its landing;
  • do not catch it with your hands, but only with a wide dense cloth, like a blanket, otherwise it can seriously scratch you (there were precedents) and even touch important vessels or eyes;
  • catching a cat, wait 10-15 minutes for it to catch its breath and calm down;
  • then it is advisable to let out in some room so that the cat finds itself an island of safety and after a while give it food and water.

After the cat calmed down and ate, you can assume that your pet is saved.

Why it is better to turn to the tall men. Prices.

  • a climber who saves a cat, is aware of his behavior in such situations, has an altitude certificate (he has been trained), uses special equipment for his safety, and also a sober mind – he will not unnecessarily risk his life;
  • Animal rescue
    Animal rescue

    there are cases when, in the process of heroic rescue, the Ministry of Emergency Situations has to be called in to save the rescuer;
  • falling from a height can cause injuries incompatible with life.

Be prudent!

How to teach a cat to get off on their own.

So that the cat no longer climbed so high, you should give it the opportunity to climb trees of such a height from which you can take it off yourself (not taller than you are tall). So the animal will acquire the necessary skills of descent from the trees.

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