Cat “yelling” on the tree the second day? Does a poor animal ask for help? So the cat needs help. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations you were told something like “did you see the skeletons of cats in the trees !? And we have not seen. We only save people?

Do I need to remove the cat from the tree?

Remove the cat from the tree
Remove the cat from the tree

Argued that the cat can not die in a tree. Indeed, it is very unlikely that the cat will die right on the tree, because it is a very viable animal.

Unfortunately, in November 2014 we had to remove a dead cat from a tree … It was located on a tree for the second day, at a temperature of from 0 to +5. The animal was on the saw cut branches and hung on the tree with its paws and muzzle down. The owners were very upset, and you can understand that shooting a dead animal is sad.

In addition, the cat may get dehydrated, with the result that it is very weak. One way or another, the weakened animal begins to attract birds. It is not uncommon for ravens to whip out cats’ eyes. Being in an extremely weakened state, the animal will no longer have enough strength to absorb the impact on the ground and most likely the animal will slowly die in the basement of the nearest house from injuries sustained upon landing.

To avoid this, the cat should be removed from the tree as soon as possible.

It is never easy. If you have ever filmed or tried to do it, you probably know about it. In 90% of cases, cats are shocked by fear and think that the rescuer climbs to eat the animal, and not help him, therefore he tries to sneak out with all available means. Most often, the cat simply climbs higher and on thinner branches. In such cases, you have to cut the branch to remove the cat from the tree. Sometimes it happens that an animal climbed a tree, which is located above the power lines and the busy part of the roadway. Such circumstances of salvation are technically difficult and have an increased danger.

A cat scratched the hand
A cat scratched the hand

Try not to climb on the tree yourself, so you are likely to significantly complicate the work of a specialist, driving the cat even higher.

Such damage is caused by a shocked cat, if you try to hold it with your bare hands.

All our specialists are people who have undergone special training in working at height, and also have experience working as “arborists” (kronirovaniye and saw cut trees). When working on trees, special equipment and means of protection against falls from a height are used, and the climbing technique of movement is also used.

How does the removal of the cat

If you beckoned a cat with valerian, shot at it with a slingshot, climbed a tree to him, threw objects at him, fired a pistol next to it, called him, substituted boards and branches so that he would tear himself, then most likely you have complicated the task. scaring the cat.

The specialist climbs a tree, covers the animal with a soft cloth, gently places it in a backpack and pulls it down. The second scenario (more frequent): the cat runs off to the edge of a thin branch. Then we bind the branch, we saw, so that the cat with it does not fly down. Further events can develop in two scenarios: the cat remains on the branch, then the climber descends to it and takes the soft cloth into the backpack or the cat “rides” on the branch as on a “bungee” and then jumps down to where it is caught by those who called us. . And here it will be necessary to show skill, so that the cat again did not climb a tree, for example, the next one.

Summing up everything written above, it is worth saying that saving a cat is a dangerous business, it requires transportation and labor costs, and therefore it has a cost. For each city, the price is slightly different due to transportation costs.


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