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Installation of an awning canopy, painting of a metal construction


Entertainment complex "Arizona"

The general contractor set before us the task: to dismantle the old PVC canvas from the awning canopy and install the new one and finish the work.

The simplest step was of course the dismantling of the old roof.

In the process of work, it became necessary to update the paint coating of the metal structure. It was a long and laborious phase. The air temperature rose to +30 degrees, and the paint suit created the effect of a sauna. 150 kg of paint was applied and 10 kg of excess weight were dropped on a brigade of 4 people.

The problematic stage of the work was the fitting of pvc canvas. Each segment required individual sizes. But we are not afraid of difficult tasks, and difficulties only increase our professional level. At the stage of installation of new pvc-polten, more than 2,700 linear meters of special rope were “stringed”.

We should also say about the waterproofing of the roof structure. 2500 metal screws were mounted for mounting the pressure plates and 2500 meters were extruded. silicone for waterproofing joints.

In general, the work was completed in 28 days and 1,152 man hours were spent on everything. I must say that we met in tight deadlines. I had to work without days off. Now the Arizona entertainment complex will be able to receive guests under an updated awning canopy.

Total was:

  • 150 kg of paint was consumed;
  • stretched over 1500 sq.m. awning cloths;
  • tied up with 2700 meters of special rope
  • 2500 metal screws were screwed on;
  • 2,500 gauges of silicone are extruded to seal the joints.

The work was carried out by the brigade with a variable composition: from 4 to 9 people.