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Painting of metal constructions and ceiling


Hotel and entertainment complex "Etoile"

Painting the ceiling and metalwork took 7 calendar days. This includes:

  • sealing by polyethylene of a floor, windows, searchlights, chambers;
  • painting the ceiling;
  • painting of metal structures;
  • paint protective mesh;
  • cleaning the protective film.
  1. 250 kg of PF-115 paint was applied.
  2. Used 120 liters of solvent.
  3. Pasted 1500 sq.m. tapes.

The faces were smeared with petroleum jelly so that later you could wash easily. In general, the eyelashes were glued together only when painting directly above themselves, when it was impossible to remove the face from the trajectory of the fall of the paint. This was when painting the grid.

Even under the metal roof in a paint suit was hot. At the end of the day, clothes could be twisted.

Separately, it should be said that such work can not be done without good goggles. In this we were helped by diffusers and filters.

First stage

Preparation for painting metal and ceiling.

Forces of 5 people prepared 1200 sq.m. for painting in two days or 80 man-hours.

One of the sides of the gym was very hot at lunchtime due to the sun. The temperature of the glass and the frame did not allow to keep on the glass hand. The surface heats up due to a protective film that slightly shades the window.

When gluing the protective film on the tape under the surface of the adhesive tape formed air bubbles. When the surface is heated, these bubbles expanded, which led to the film peeling off. In many places we had to glue the film twice.

In addition, too much film weight due to excessive density also reinforced this effect.

Already in the process of painting, when the painting composition was deposited on the film, he added weight to it and the film again peeled off a little in some places.

This object showed us that such thin moments as the thickness of the protective film can greatly change the complexity of the process of preparing the premises for painting.